Precise Engineering was founded in 2015 on the principles of integrity, innovation and quality.
Precise Engineering is one of the fastest growing companies in Pakistan, providing services in electrical designing, specializing in Power & Automation, offering expertise in electrical services, designing industrial automation, control process & instrumentation. Precise Engineering handles projects ranging from one-hour service calls to complex, multi-phased design / build projects.

Precise Engineering is a unique combination of experience involved in installation, testing, commissioning, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, projects designing services of industrial plants involving power, instrumentation, PLCs and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Precise Engineering as one of the leading companies in the field of HVAC, BMS, Power & Automation.

Message from CEO

Since its foundation in 2015, we are committed to offer services to our clients creative, thoughtful and technically rigorous solutions to their business challenges and concerns. As a company we are committed to sustainable development, both in the services we provide to our clients and the way in which we provide them.

The dedication of Precise Engineering personnel to client service is legendary. We believe this zealous dedication separates us from the pack of other competitors. We spare no effort to listen and learn from our clients, to understand their needs and then to apply all our creative and intellectual energies to meet them. Nothing supersedes our client service in our business hierarchy.

Whether you are a prospective client, consultant or business partner, we hope you will conclude that Precise Engineering is the type of company you’d like to work with.

If you feel there is an opportunity for us to assist you with your business challenges, please contact us at any time.

Yours Truly
Shakeel Ahmed

Completed Projects


Project Description
RGB LED Fixing, Termination and installation of RGB LED in all respects
DECORATIVE LEAFS Fixing, Termination and installation of Decorative Leafs.
JET FANS Installation and termination of Jet fans along with its cables and all accessories

HVAC ducting at Management Office.

HVAC ducting working of Facility Staff center.

LIGHTNING WORK Installation and termination of Fluorescent Lights.
MEP WORK Cable laying and termination in Parking, 1 st floor, management office.


Project Description
MEP WORK Cable laying and termination works
HVAC Work HVAC ducting.


Project Description
MEP WORK Cable Laying and termination. Cable tray installation.
Plumbing work.


Project Description
HVAC WORK HVAC Maintenance works.


Project Description
PLC WORK PLC Troubleshooting of Schneider Modicon M238.
Reprogramming of PLC (Schneider M238).


Project Description
AUTOMATION WORK Extruder Machine Automation.


Project Description
MEP WORK Annual maintenance work of 41 pumps in Karachi (MEP).


Project Description
POLE WORK Installation of 89 Nos. Poles
LIGHTING WORK Installation of light fixtures
MEP WORK Cable laying and termination. Installation of Distribution boards.


Project Description
PLC WORK PLC Troubleshooting (Brand OMRON).
Reprogramming of PLC (Brand OMRON).


Project Description
MEP WORK Electrical and Plumbing work of model apartment (6 Nos. Apartment)


Project Description
HVAC WORK Installation of HVAC system.
MEP WORK Cable laying, cable tray installation, plumbing work


Project Description
MEP WORK Complete Electrical & allied works (Cable laying, cable trays,Installation of D.B Panels etc).


Interloop Pvt Ltd.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Sapphire Group.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Nishat Group.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Ibrahim Fabrics.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Sapphire Group.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Nisar Spinning.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Jhung Fibres.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Younas Textile Mills.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

Bhimra Textiles.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

CA Textile.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.

AJ Textile.

Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Energy Analyzer.










Major Clients


Major Clients For Janitza EA

We are the sole distributor and service provider of Janitza in South Region (Sindh, Quetta)

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We are Integrator of

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Specialized Fields

One of the main components of any industry is the automated system in order to reduce the down time and gives a better result. Process automation is known as the heart of any system. Through this system the errors are reduced and fine product is generated. This system consists of a Central control station. In central control station equipment that is installed in the facility can be monitored and controlled as per the system requirement.

Our services for Process Automation are as under

  1. Printing and Packaging Machine Automation.
  2. Textile, FMCG, Pharmaceutical industries for process Automation.
  3. PLC & HMI based solutions.
  4. Troubleshooting expertise.
  5. Renovation of existing System.
  6. SCADA solution for Fertilizer industries, OIL & GAS.
  7. New Integration with existing system.

Our services for EMS are as under

  1. Reduce electricity cost and overall energy cost.
  2. Optimize infrastructure loading and increase overall efficiency.
  3. Energy Reporting.
  4. Controlling and monitoring of Load.
  5. Enhancement of supply reliability.
  6. Peak Time Demand and Off Peak Demand Energy logs and reporting.

Key Features

  1. Intuitive operation with Comprehensive export functions e.g. in an Excel file.
  2. Automatic or manual measured data readouts from the devices.
  3. Graphic presentation of online measurement values and historical data.
  4. Ready-made PQ report templates, e.g. for EN50160 or EN 61000-2-4.
  5. Alarm management and user administration with statistical evaluation.
  6. APPs management (customer-specific applications / programs).
  7. Topology views (configurable, graphic user interfaces).
  8. Exports and reports can be sent by email.

A system driven consisting of planning, implementing, and monitoring activities of electric utilities that are designed to encourage consumers to modify their level and pattern of electricity usage Load Sharing & Load Shedding System. The Load management also calculates the real time total load present in the system. According to the client requirement the load is cut off from the system through Load shed Philosophy or according to the giving generation set points.

LV Protection Relay Integration

A relay is automatic device which senses an abnormal condition of electrical circuit and closes its contacts. These contacts in turns close and complete the circuit breaker trip coil circuit hence make the circuit breaker tripped for disconnecting the faulty portion of the electrical circuit from rest of the healthy circuit.

Integration of IEC 61850

IEC 61850 is a substation standard for substation automation. IEC 61850 is a standard for vendor-agnostic engineering of the configuration of Intelligent Electronic Devices for electrical substation automation systems to be able to communicate with each other.

  • SCADA integration with existing System.
  • Station Gateway Integration.

Our services for BMS are as under

  • Illumination Lighting Control.
  • Electric Power Control.
  • Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC).
  • Access Control.
  • Fire Alarm System.
  • Lift, Elevators etc.
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).
  • PA system.
  • Security Automation.
  • Parking Guidance & Management System.

Mechanical electrical and plumbing (MEP) is divided in to three categories and they are as follows.


Mechanical design engineering involves developing of the mechanical drawing of the cable tray route, conduit and as per the drawing approved from the client work is done. As the mechanical team is highly trained therefore a complete satisfaction work is done on due time and date.


Electrical engineers and technician used their skills to lay cable on the route provided by the mechanical team. Their work is also to terminate the wires on both sides.


Plumbing team is involved in laying conduit route from which the wire is passing, as per mechanical drawing. All International standers are maintained.

Our services for MEP are as under

  • High-rise building Cable laying & Work, Conduit, Piping, Cable Tray etc.
  • HVAC ducting & Piping Works.
  • Electrical Panel Installation & Cabling Works.
  • Pole Light mounting & complete Installation works.

Our services for Panel are as under

  • Load take of panel
  • Synchronization Panel
  • MCC Panel
  • ATS/AMF Panel
  • MDB
  • PLC Panel
  • Control Panel
  • Power Factor Panel
  • Relay Panel
  • Control Desk
  • ILMS Panel
  • SMDB
  • Master Panel

Our services for IT solution are as under

  • Windows Applications.
  • ERP Solution
  • Data Base Services.
  • Networking Services.
  • WEB Development and Services
  • Installation Services.
Emergency Lighting System
Emergency Lighting System

Central Battery System Component

  1. LED luminaires
  2. Luminaires with Higher Degree of Protection
  3. Explosion protected Luminaires
  4. Monitoring Modules
  5. LED Supply Modules
  6. Electronic Ballasts


Intelligent addressable control panel

The simplicity of operation, powerful cause and effect programming capability and competitive pricing make the system suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized projects The CF11000VDS is a high specification addressable panel for medium sized builds that is equipped with a versatile touch screen user interface. It is available as a 1 (CF1100VDS) or 2 (CF1200VDS) loop panel. The powerful cause and effect programming capability and competitive pricing make the system suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized projects. The panels can operate as standalone or as part of a network with our other addressable panels (additional network card required).


  1. Soft addressing
  2. Large versatile touch screen user interface
  3. Multi-language selection capability
  4. Integral battery and power supply
  5. 2x7Ah batteries included
  6. Flexible distributed network capability
  7. Full range of compatible devices
  8. Flexible and easy to design, system cause and effect using site installer software
  9. Compatible with our addressable repeaters

Central Batteries System

LT Panel Designing

Cable Laying and Termination

Auto fuel filling System of Diesel

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